Company Profile

Nexus Business Broking (NBB) is a division of Nexus Property Services Pty Ltd (NPS), a part of the bigger organisation known as Nexus Business Partners Group (NBP) offering a full range of business, investment and financial services including tax, migration, property sales and management, and business broking.

The strength of this structure is the combined experience and vast resources that the business broking arm can tap into to bring value to our customers. Not only can customers enjoy the high professionalism and expertise by consultants at NBB while planning their business selling and buying activities, but they can also easily get access to all related, and in most circumstances crucial, professional services and advices available from the entire group. This service model is effectively called "One-Stop Services".

Founders of NBB, who are business broking consultants themselves, come from diverse but useful backgrounds, together representing a complete and unique skill set that enables a high level of capabilities necessary in delivering the results expected by our customers and business partners. More importantly, all our founders have gone through their respective life stages as entrepreneurs and business owners, and they fully understand what it takes in starting, developing and completing business ownership, both in terms of the physical activities as well as personal feelings involved in the process. The possession of this empathy guides us in every way we deliver our services.

Skills of the NBB team can be represented by endeavours of its founders, past and present, summarised as follows:

Peter Li - A highly successful business broker himself, having started from a zero base in business broking to achieving a dominant position in various industries and business sectors in relatively very short time. Peter comes from a sales and information technology background and has gone through the complex IPO process of bringing a company to be listed in the stock exchange. His other important endeavour has been the owner operator of a cafe and gourmet restaurant before he moved into the business broking profession.

Moon Cheung - Moon excels in relationship building through her natural, caring and genuine character. While having rich experience in property development earlier in her career, Moon has achieved her greatest satisfaction through her capable running of a cafe and gourmet restaurant, bringing their values up substantially as they changed hands finally.

Given this set-up, all of us at Nexus Business Broking are motivated to deliver to our customers, business partners and business associates the most positive and very different experience.